13 Reasons Why Your Book Is Your Best Marketing Tool

Hi, my name is soandso. My company is called blablabla and we specialize in thisandthat. Here’s my business card and here’s a copy of my book. Once you read this, you will have a better understanding of what we do and why we are the best at what we do!

In the digital world, everyone is trying every marketing gimmick to increase his or her presence online. Professionals and businesspersons alike invest so much in digital marketing that they often forget about existing tools that can help propel their professional images or organizations to new heights.

You meet people for the first time and you immediately remember to give them your business card but a kickass designation might not be enough to tell people what they need to know about you. There are hundreds of people with similar designations and influential positions. Of course, you can create a great first impression but so can others. You need something that is substantial enough to attract maximum attention.

The solution is writing a book!

Think about the impression you will be creating if you establish yourself as an author who has published his or her book. Most people think about authorship and publishing as an activity limited to professional authors or older, wiser people. Let’s make one thing clear:

You don’t have to be a writer or – a wise person to write a book! While I am at it, let me bust a few myths surrounding book writing.

You need to be wise to write a book—No.  You need excellent language skills—No.

If everyone were to wait for wisdom to dawn upon them, you can be sure many people would not be publishing their books. You need an idea. You must know yourself, your trade, your business. You need to know what you want in your book. Not everybody possesses excellent language skills. That is exactly why we have ghostwriters—ghosts who are experts at language and will anonymously pen your ideas down and write your books for you.

Moving onto the reasons let me clarify that the number of reasons isn’t important. You must understand that your book can do wonders for you in the marketing department. Here’s how:

1) Establish yourself as a thought leader

The reason you are writing a book is that you are an “expert” at something. You have something of value to share with your readers, information that sets you apart from the rest. This makes you a thought leader in your field of work. Your expertise is not only valued but also sought after. A book can solidify this image and establish you as an authority in your area of specialty.

2) Skill development

Although you are an expert in your field, writing may be a completely new skill that you are exploring for the first time. This opens new doors for you. You may be writing about what you know best but you will be learning something new. Enjoy the process of learning because you are getting smarter as you do it.

3) You become a trustworthy and credible source

One of the greatest advantages of writing a book is that you earn credibility. People start trusting your ideas and thoughts because they believe you to be someone who knows his or her stuff, which is why you have written a book in the first place. Your reputation soars giving you a better standing in your professional community.

4) The light bulb effect

Often people are so tangled in their day-to-day activities that they no longer explore the hidden recesses of their minds to find information. They may know much more than they practice every day, but they do not have the time to think about it. Writing a book gives you an excellent opportunity to tap into your greatest resource—your mind. You write something and immediately another idea pops up—the light bulb switches on!

5) Enjoy being an author

It’s not every day that you learn a new skill or earn a new achievement. Being an author is a matter of pride. Once you have published your book, that book may outlive you. Your thoughts and words will be read by many. So enjoy your new achievement; enjoy being an author.

6) Step into the limelight

Now, we are talking about using your book as a marketing tool. The purpose is of course to grab eyeballs, to get people to buy and read your book and to establish yourself as a credible authority in your field of expertise. Getting people’s attention (especially your target audience) is one of the primary goals of writing a book. Go all out to get the attention you seek.

7) Who else has your idea?

Most people worry that they are writing what everyone already knows. “Someone has already written a book on the subject; they have the same ideas as I do etc.” If you are writing a book on yourself or your business, it is unlikely that you have nothing new to share. Even a personal experience can set your book apart from the rest of the books on the same subject. Perhaps you have something unique to share that you may unconsciously add in your book and that might make all the difference. So open up and say interesting things. Who knows what will strike home.

8) Uniqueness

Most people love to be inspired and refer to other works. This is not wrong. However, remember not to let references and inspirations become the backbone of your book. To stand apart from the rest, you need to be unique. Create something on your own.

9) Keeping up with the digital

Most people wonder whether they should opt for paperback or hardcover books. That is just the physical copy. Think about going digital as well to keep up with the times. Of course, nothing beats the feel of bound papers in the form of a book but digital platform options are plenty. Depending on where you and your target audience are based, you can choose from Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iBooks Author, Kobo, Smashwords, Draft2Digital, Unbound, Inkshares etc. to get you out and into the market.

10) Book and beyond

Yaay! You are an author now. So, what’s next? Opening doors to authorship also means you have opened doors to several opportunities. Each person gets those opportunities depending on how good their book is and how well they have marketed it. Explore all opportunities that come your way and lead you to do new things. Don’t stop.

11) Prepare to follow up

Having published a book, don’t forget that you have an active group of readers. You need to engage with them by opening up a line of communication. Answer their questions and satisfy their need to know more about the book and its author. Prepare to attend book-reading sessions, give a talk or interact with specific audiences as necessary. All this widens your network and allows people to know you and your business better.

12) Use the book to market yourself, your brand, your company like never before

A sound marketing strategy can really help to uplift your personal and brand image. For those of you who can, I recommend approaching a digital marketing agency that can help promote your book, your personal image and your brand or company image.

13) Become a pundit

You are an expert in your field, which is why you have written a book. That essentially makes you someone who has the authority to provide guidance and professional advice. This opens up a new path and sometimes a new career too. You can become a consultant offering your expertise to individuals and businesses.

You’ll find many more reasons if you look it up but I am sure the above-mentioned points are reason enough to gravitate towards your desk, open your laptop and start typing (don’t forget to plan and ideate before typing!)

To all the budding authors out there, all the best!

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