Assessment Writing

Developing question banks, quizzes, creative tests and activities for books, ebooks, and e-learning platforms

Lesson Plans and Instructor Manuals

Summaries, Abstracts, Case Studies, Presentations

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Articles, Books (Fiction, Non-Fiction and Academic), Blurbs, Speeches, and Stories

Professional Writing

Brochures, Case Studies, Reports, and Summaries

Paraphrasing and Localization


Audio to Text Conversion

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Developmental Editing

The editor that looks at the Big Picture. Yes, the developmental editor takes a 360-degree view of the book to tell you what's good, what's not so good, and offers suggestions for improvement. A developmental editor offers the author what is most valuable--perspective. Depending on the genre of your book, a developmental editor can help you during 2 stages:
a) When you have a skeleton of your book. The editor will tell you if your foundation is strong and perhaps provide suggestions to develop on it.
b) When your first draft is ready. The editor will analyze the story for soundness and provide feedback.

Copy Editing

It is probably the most popular type of editing. A copy editor works on the finalized version of a manuscript. The editor checks accuracy, consistency, transitions, logic, writing style, and clarity. The editor also flags errors, repetitions, ambiguities, and other issues. Comments are placed for authors to address, if necessary, after which the manuscript is ready for proofreading.


Proofreading is the last pit stop before the manuscript moves to print. The proofreader works independently of the author and editors checking for quality, consistency, presentation, and overall layout. Minor errors, if any, are flagged and rectified. Then, your bestseller is ready to go!

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Every document and project is reviewed before dispatch. Depending on the kind of project, it may undergo one or multiple rounds of quality checks.

Skill-based training programs and refreshers on language, creative writing, editing techniques, and critical thinking are periodically conducted to encourage the team to keep upgrading their skills.


We go to great lengths to keep our services up to the mark. However, if you feel that a project's output was not as discussed or there are unchecked errors, we urge you send us a detailed message about your complaint.

Similarly, please let us know if you had a great experience with us.


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